Newbury, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited (EMS) announced today the installation of a new DEK Horizon 03iX with Hawkeye 1700 post print verification with paste roll height monitor and an automated paste dispenser.

The DEK Horizon printing platform is the recognised global leader in SMT paste printing, with market leading quality and unbeatable machine and process alignment capability.

EMS’ Managing Director, Bernard Chubb is very happy with the latest investment, “I think this is a major milestone in the investment, development and growth of EMS, the quality and consistency of the DEK Horizon platform is second to none and is an excellent addition to the EMS production portfolio”.

The DEK Horizon 03iX is a fully scalable and customisable platform allowing further options to be added as and when required, to increase throughput and core cycle time. At the time of installation, the DEK Horizon 03iX options selected by EMS include;

  • HD Grid-Lok flexible tooling – for optimum underside support to maintain precise paste on pad volume.
  • Under Stencil Cleaner with Vacuum – for maximum process flexibility and reliability to ensure consistent process yields.
  • Hawkeye 1700 – for post print paste on pad inspection to ensure consistency and reliability of pasting with the flexibility to adjust the inspection level to suit the application and match production feedback.
  • Paste Roll Height Sensor – to assess the height of the paste roll and detect when new paste needs adding.
  • Automated Paste Dispenser – to auto replenish the paste on the stencil, as indicated by the Paste Roll Height Sensor and reduce manual operator assessment and intervention.

“The DEK Horizon is an excellent investment for EMS, paste printing is arguably the most critical stage in the SMT process. The DEK Horizon’s market leading process and machine alignment capability to 6 sigma levels is exceptional and a clear indicator of EMS’ dedication to quality and reliability. Coupled to this is the excellent Instinctiv V9 touch screen user interface which provides excellent setup and turnaround times” said EMS’ General Manager, Jonathan Plummer.

With a new DEK Horizon 03Ix, EMS is again proving its commitment to an on-going investment strategy; the Horizon follows on 6 months after relocation to our new facility and is part of a brand-new whole line installation.