We’re celebrating something very special this year: our sales director’s 10-year anniversary at EMS!

Having been with the company for a decade this year, Rob Moore has plenty of stories to tell about his career in the electronics manufacturing industry and the things he’s done in his personal life.

Naturally, we caught up with Rob on all the above to mark the occasion. So, without further ado…

What drew you to electronics manufacturing when you first started out?

I fell into electronics really! I knew the owner of the organisation I’d worked at previously, which was acquired by EMS in March 2014, and he was looking for a new salesperson back in 2011. I was looking for a change and it all fell into place.

Is there anything about EMS that made you want to stick around for so long?

After initial trepidation about EMS acquiring the organisation I was formerly employed at, it quickly became pretty obvious the company was somewhere I could excel. The people at the heart of this place (who have been here longer than me) make it tick. On top of that, the systems, procedures and processes we have in place are exceptional for the size of business that we are.

A lot has happened in the industry during your career. What would you say has been the biggest challenge?

Naturally, it has to be COVID-19. That was a very difficult period for lots of people for many different reasons. It brought significant challenges in terms of the impact on customers and our workforce — having worked throughout the pandemic.

Equally, there have been plenty of positive developments across the sector. Which do you think is the most exciting?

The technology has evolved so much. When I first started out in electronics manufacturing in 2011, people were still very wary of surface-mount technology (SMT) and ball grid arrays (BGAs). However, these are now commonplace, with predominantly SMT-heavy, mixed tech boards produced by EMS with thousands of BGAs placed weekly.

Is there a project you’re particularly proud to have worked on during your time as a sales director?

It has to be the printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) we produce for the medical sector, which mostly go into portable oxygen concentrators (POCs). These boards play a small, but important part in improving the quality of life of those who use POCs to help with their diagnosis, like people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

What kinds of projects would you like to work on in the future?

Sustainability is front and centre. Whether it be in main stream media (MSM) or day-to-day discussions with family and friends, people are a lot more conscious of their impact on the environment and the planet nowadays. So, I’m eager to work on anything that supports the route to improved sustainability.

What’s your biggest achievement — professional or personal?

My biggest achievement is actually a journey I’m on currently: not drinking alcohol! I just decided one day (after a heavy night) to take a break from alcohol with no pre-determined timeline — and here I am nine months later still going with no intention of setting the clock back to zero. The most interesting thing about this journey is peoples’ reactions. I could talk about it for hours.

We hear your career began as a golf caddy. Do you still play?

I’ve not played for about 10 years! The last time I did, I put my back out — and that was the end of any resurgence of golf. One of the players I used to caddy for was the best man at my wedding, so I’m still close to him. We keep talking about him making a comeback for the Seniors as he’s almost old enough to qualify, so I may get a bag on my back again one day…

What’s your favourite pastime?

I’m involved with Buckland Athletic Football Club — doing everything from looking after the U10’s and helping organise and run our first youth tournament planned for later this year to lending a hand on match days. You’ll quite often find me up there on a Saturday morning assisting with all sorts of maintenance on and off the pitch.

Can you tell us a fun fact about yourself?

I once flew all the way to Australia to caddy in the Australian PGA, only to be left in the physio room all week as my back had given in.

We feel incredibly lucky to have had Rob on the EMS team for a whole decade and can’t wait to see what the next 10 years bring for him. If you’d like to find out more about our electronics manufacturing services, including how we can assist with your SMT and PCB requirements, get in touch at +44 (0)1635 588 871 or email sales@emsolutions.co.uk.