While we pride ourselves on the skill and dedication of our technicians, their expertise is supported by our portfolio of plant and machinery.

Investing in state-of-the-art equipment is essential to ensuring the accuracy and quality of all electronics we manufacture. High-tech machinery allows us to set precise parameters and refine each of our solutions to perfection.

Enhancing our offering

We’re always excited to expand our range of equipment to offer a better service to our customers.

Recently, we begun the process of investing in selective soldering technology to boost our production capabilities and enhance our electronics manufacturing offering.

The Kurtz Ersa Versaflow 3/35 Global Edition will be one of the upcoming additions to our portfolio. This soldering machine offers enhanced flexibility with dual pots that can be configured to run with different nozzle sizes and/or different solder types. During the selection process, we were impressed by how easy the Kurtz Ersa machine is to program, along with having a very precise transport and clamping system. This machine also matched our pre-heating needs perfectly for high Cu mass applications.

Selective soldering is a valuable process as it offers a lower-cost approach over conventional wave soldering, reducing production costs and eliminating the need for hand-soldering.

We’ll also be complementing the selective investment with a new nitrogen generator system from Atlas Copco. A consistent nitrogen supply is essential for selective soldering as it results in better wetting and clean joints with less flux and a lower temperature.

The nitrogen generation market is expanding rapidly as more manufacturers move away from bottled gas in pursuit of a smaller CO2 footprint.

These two pieces of equipment will work in unison to meet and exceed current demands — no matter how great. Keep an eye out for more information about these investments and updates on when they get installed on the manufacturing floor!

An established portfolio

Our current production lines comprise a slick set of machines that guarantee our manufacturing process is efficient and accurate. We’re delighted to offer two fully automated surface mount technology (SMT) lines with a capacity upwards of 148,000 components per hour and placements down to 01005”.

Each of our SMT lines comprises an ASM stencil printer, two Panasonic pick-and-place machines, a Heller Reflow Oven and various Nutek loaders, conveyors and PCB handlers.

SMT Line 1 is capable of producing PCBs at a maximum length of 500mm. It has a part number capacity of 160 and produces 38,000 components per hour. In comparison, SMT Line 2 has a part number capacity of 213 and can produce 110,000 components per hour.

Stencil printers

Our ASM Horizon 03iX Stencil Printers are suitable for 23” or 29” frames and are fitted with the HawkEye 1700 for up to 100% paste on pad inspection, as well as benefitting from camera fiducial alignment. These stencil printers facilitate simpler and more efficient mounting of smaller PCB components thanks to the more accurate transfer of solder paste.

Pick-and-place machines

Pick-and-place machines are integral to assuring quality and productivity and are a key element to any SMT assembly line. Our Panasonic CM101-D and NPM-W2 models both offer optically aligned flexible placement down to 01005” including BGA, uBGA, QFN, CSP.

Reflow ovens

The final stage in our automation line is the Heller 1809 MkIII Reflow Oven. This piece of machinery offers rapid response times and precise temperature controls to guarantee products are uniform — regardless of their density or board loading.

Additional equipment

Our production line also benefits from automated optical inspection using two MEK Marantz AOI machines: one with a top camera and with both a top and bottom camera. Both MEK machines are fitted with eight cameras for side and edge inspection.

Additional support equipment includes our Trident ZDO PCB Cleaner, HP 3070 In-Circuit Test machine, Soldstar six-channel PRO Profiler R-0625P and MFR-1100 Series Metcal Soldering Irons. Our labs are also home to a range of test equipment, support software and wire and cable assembly equipment.

Here at EMS, we provide best-in-class electronics manufacturing using first-rate, specialist machinery. To find out more about our offering and how we can assist you, get in touch with us today