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Turnkey Assembly

Combining our full range of supply chain management, manufacturing and test capabilities allows EMS to provide you with full Turnkey Assembly Solutions for your production needs, including: final product and box build assembly, final product test and final product packaging. In addition, stock holding solutions such as buffer component stock, Kanban stock and consolidated shipments can help minimise lead times, maximise flexibility and ship to multiple locations.

  • Supplying partial kits/full kits or free issue all our stock is managed and traceable throughout.

  • We are able to take care of all our electronic, mechanical or other purchasing requirements to make your experience as smooth as possible.

  • We offer Final product and box build in fill managing your requirement in full and delivering an end product allows you to concentrate on your core business of selling it.

  • Final test solutions and packaging will complete your assembly ready for you to ship.

PCB Testing


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