Efficiency. Productivity. Cost savings. These are just a few of the perks organisations can enjoy when leveraging the internet of things (IoT).

Given how popular the technology has become among business owners lately, most of us are at least somewhat aware of these benefits. However, the advantages of using the IoT in the healthcare industry aren’t so well known.

Countless new IoT-powered systems and devices have emerged since the pandemic, when they enabled remote appointments. And these cutting-edge solutions have had remarkably positive impacts in medical settings!

How exactly is the IoT supporting the healthcare industry? And why choose us to help you develop your own IoT medical solutions? Let’s see…

How the IoT is supporting the healthcare industry

The IoT offers members of the healthcare industry many of the same benefits it affords business owners. For example, it can be used to automate repetitive tasks — resulting in faster processes and lower operational costs. And that’s on top of…

More accurate diagnoses

With IoT-connected equipment, medical professionals can get a much clearer picture of what’s going on in patients’ bodies.

Take wireless capsule endoscopies (WCEs) as an example. These tests are typically used to diagnose colon cancer and other gastrointestinal issues. During the non-invasive procedure, patients swallow a small camera that takes thousands of pictures of their digestive tract. The pictures are then transmitted via a datalogger, so healthcare professionals can view them in real-time.

WCEs mean doctors can spot inflammation, tumours and other abnormalities that may not be visible during other tests. As a result, patients get a more accurate diagnosis — and receive the treatment they need more promptly. All of which is great for patient outcomes!

Ongoing patient monitoring

Thanks to the IoT, healthcare professionals don’t lose sight over patient well-being once they exit doctors’ offices and hospitals.

That’s because wearable devices, such as blood pressure monitors and glucometers, can keep track of patients’ vital signs remotely. These gadgets use sensors to detect when something’s not right — and notify healthcare professionals if intervention is required. So, someone like a diabetic would know when their blood sugar is dangerously low. That’s crucial to avoiding a medical emergency!

Essentially, IoT-connected wearables don’t just improve the quality of life for those with chronic conditions — they also prevent hospitalisations. This helps take the pressure off busy departments and means patients can stay at home to limit their risk of infection. Ideal for all parties…

Streamlined treatment plans

The IoT is making it easier than ever for patients and healthcare providers to stay on top of treatment — especially when it comes to medication.

Smart pill dispensers can send reminders when it’s time for tablets to be taken. Plus, IoT-enabled prescription bottles can indicate how many tablets a person has left. Therefore, patients are less likely to miss a dose or forget to file for a new prescription — preventing them from being left in urgent need of a refill.

These cutting-edge solutions are helping the healthcare industry reach new heights in lots of ways. Above all, they’re ensuring patients stick to treatment plans and reducing pressure on pharmacies and admin teams. Sounds like something worth implementing, right?

Why to seek our help producing IoT-powered devices

With all the benefits of implementing the IoT in healthcare settings, many organisations are set to roll out devices underpinned by this innovative technology in 2024.

In fact, the global IoT in healthcare market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.2% from 2024 to 2030.

As an electronics manufacturing specialist, we can help ensure you’re one of the organisations to benefit from cutting-edge IoT-powered devices this year and beyond.

Our services span everything from printed circuit board (PCB) design to procurement — and we’ve got years of experience working with companies in the medical industry.

Our knowledgeable teams also understand that only the highest of quality standards suffice when creating such important electronics. Just one flaw could be the difference between effective patient care and a fatal error…

What’s more, everything we work on is informed by our comprehensive business management system (BMS). This system meets the requirements for BS EN 9001:2015 and BS EN ISO 13485:2016, internationally recognised quality management benchmarks for businesses and medical devices.

So, whatever kind of IoT solution you’re looking to develop, your project’s safe in our hands…

Learn more about our electronics manufacturing services and contact us to discuss your project requirements today. Just call +44 (0)1635 588 871 or email sales@emsolutions.uk.com!