Here at EMS, we’re dedicated to improvement. We continuously measure our performance based on key activities and evidence, and our team is dedicated to delivering a best-in-class service that exceeds customer expectations every time.

A key part of this team is our Sales Director, Rob Moore. Rob has now been with us for six years. During that time, we’ve gone from strength to strength — we’ve relocated, invested in new state-of-the-art machinery, exhibited at Southern Manufacturing a few times and grown to 3.65 times (to be precise) our 2014 size. Last year alone, we even saw a 14% revenue increase!

Despite plenty of challenges along the way (especially the last couple of months!), we’re incredibly proud of what we have achieved over the past six years and look forward to seeing what the next six bring!

We caught up with Rob to chat through his time so far at EMS and where he sees us going in the future…

What were you doing before you joined EMS?

Before EMS, I was Sales Manager at NuStart Electronics which was ultimately acquired by EMS in March 2014. Before that, I was a qualified electrician for three years (boring!).

And before that, I was travelling Europe and Australia as a professional golf caddy for the European Challenge Tour and European Seniors Tour! I was also lucky enough to caddy at an event for a chap called David Gossett, who once shot a 59 on the PGA Tour.

What made you want to join EMS?

I didn’t have much choice — I was part of an acquisition! To be fair, given the uncertainty (who likes change?), I did weigh up my options and had other offers. But it seemed a good opportunity to progress with a company that was another level above NuStart.

Additionally, I didn’t want to desert my customers and wanted to ensure they transitioned across with as little disruption as possible.

What have you learnt while working at EMS?

The biggest lesson in life I guess is that you should never assume anything! This is also true of electronics manufacturing when demands can change on a daily basis!

What’s your favourite thing about working at EMS?

I thoroughly enjoy working with my colleagues and customers. We have a great core team that pull together and do their absolute best at all times.

Additionally, customer relationships are key to the success of any business and having good, honest working relationships makes the whole process a lot more enjoyable — even through tricky times.

What are you most proud of achieving while working here?

The growth EMS has achieved since I first joined has been amazing, so just being a part of that collective team effort. This has, in turn, driven the relocation in May 2018 and the new investment into the additional line in December 2018.

What’s your favourite memory from your past six years?

I have many favourite memories, but the standout one has to be when that first PO of in excess of £1M came through!

Why do you think EMS are so good at what they do?

Our continuous improvement attitude. Across the company, we have people who are constantly looking of ways we can improve processes and EMS as a whole — whether it be by increasing our capability offering or tweaking processes where we see fit.

Where do you see EMS going in the next six years?

We have a careful strategy which we are developing with a view to achieving £15 million in sales revenue over the next few years.

What role do you think you will have in this journey?

To achieve this, we are actively looking at new accreditations to allow us to enter new marketplaces. Increasing our capability offering with technology like X-ray and selective soldering is very much on the wish list, too. This allows my team to focus on specific areas for sales opportunities in addition to targeted marketing.

And finally, what do you think you have brought to the company so far?

It’s always a bit awkward talking about yourself like this, so for this question, I asked some colleagues that were at EMS when I joined. Here’s what they had to say…

“You brought to EMS a different dynamic that did not exist before. I believe EMS Sales is now more approachable and open to all departments in a way that is understandable, and you have always demonstrated that you are there to help where you can. You are also a great boss!”

“You introduced a much stronger marketing strategy, identified the potential in smaller customer accounts and saw the need to explore potential new business to facilitate growth — all of which has helped to grow sales from just over £2 million to £7.3 million.”

“Passionate. Time for people, customers and employees. Lifts morale when on site. Positive. Annoying.”

“I have been in the game 28 years and you’re the best I’ve worked with. You have brought in stable, long-term customers — giving us a much-needed base to build on.”

“I have employed a few salespeople over the history of EMS and can say that you are by far the best of the bunch. But saying that’s not much of a compliment! 😉 From a sales perspective, you have been a shining light. You originally took on the sales role and drove EMS to a £7 million turnover — very impressive.”

“You’re never afraid to take on a challenge to move EMS to the next level. As feedback through sales and internal development improve EMS’ capabilities, you continue to provide input on which direction EMS investment may need to go in — from X-ray and selective solder to ISO 13485.”

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