No matter the industry, quality is always a priority.

For electronics manufacturers, quality management doesn’t only help deliver products that exceed customer expectations — it also contributes to a company’s reputation, success and longevity.

Touching all aspects of modern life, the electronics industry is fast-growing and increasingly complex. Most industries depend on electronics manufacturers for their critical components and subassemblies, so a demonstration of quality and continuous improvement of quality management systems (QMS) is vital…

Because of this, manufacturers are now strengthening their position in the marketplace by improving their practices. There may be many mandatory legal compliances for electronic manufacturing solutions, but what really sets manufacturers apart is going the extra mile.

Being certified to standards that aren’t legally required shows consistency and true commitment to quality practices, opening doors for new business in the electronics sector. And that’s exactly where we shine.

At EMS, our management team drives compliance with all statutory, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements — providing an internal environment in which our people are fully involved in achieving our quality objectives.

Our individual processes are structured into a documented QMS that confirms and underlines EMS’ core focus on quality and proven processes.

Why are quality management systems beneficial?

A QMS is a collection of processes that concentrates on consistently meeting customer requirements and expectations.

Essentially, its purpose is to ensure the same skills, information, methods and controls are used and applied every time a process is performed. Ultimately, this helps secure customer satisfaction and brand loyalty and shows competency to new customers and markets, acting as a marker of trust and reliability to bring in new business.

A QMS also provides protection. A single, streamlined course of decisions, records and audit trails reduces risk and ensures your team follows comprehensive procedures.

We believe quality is critical to our success: it’s integral to and underpins our processes. Our accreditations undergo regular audits to uphold EMS’ unfaltering high-quality standards across our manufacturing processes, and we manage our activities and associated resources as a series of planned processes to produce the right assembly at the right time and with minimum wastage.

Choosing an electronics manufacturer that’s ISO registered promises a partner committed to continual improvement in service and standards for customer satisfaction. At EMS, that’s our guarantee to you…

ISO 9001 certification

EMS has been re-certified for the ISO 9001 certification — an internationally recognised standard for QMS.

This certification is evidence to the marketplace that we’re proactive about quality and that we’ve put the right standards and processes in place to support the highest product quality and continuous improvement of our services.

Whilst we’re delighted to have this QMS in place for EMS’ own peace of mind, our primary focus has been and will always be our customers. We depend on our customers and are dedicated to providing a world-class service that meets requirements and exceeds expectations.

Implementing ISO 9001 means we can deliver absolute consistency in our electronic manufacturing solutions, even if there are reshuffles in staff or changes to individual elements on the manufacturing floor. In essence, we’re not reliant on the different abilities of our team members but have processes in place to ensure our service is consistent, saving money through improved efficiency and productivity.

ISO 13485 certification

Despite the pandemic throwing a spanner in the works, EMS first gained ISO 13485 certification in March 2021, and we have now also been re-certified to this standard in 2022!

The ISO 13485 standard provides a practical foundation for manufacturers to address its regulations and responsibilities, as well as demonstrate a commitment to the safety and quality of medical devices.

Having supplied PCB assemblies for oxygen units during the pandemic, we decided to strengthen our position in the medical devices sector and further improve our process and product quality. And whilst ISO 13485 isn’t mandatory (much like ISO 9001), we recognise the benefits of establishing consistency and commitment when meeting standard requirements.

We plan to use our accreditations to support the medical devices sector, gain access to new business, further improve our process and product quality, protect our long-term future and bolster our standing as the supplier of choice.

Our continuous commitment to improvement contributes to the outstanding electronic manufacturing solutions we offer at EMS. Learn more about our quality management systems and accreditations, and feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries at