Order Receipt

On receipt all orders are for accuracy and acceptance and released for loading on to our MRP system, Factory Master, provided by The Access Group, which provides EMS with;

  • Order processing
  • Stock control
  • Stock traceability
  • Production scheduling capabilities

Your product and components are imported into the system from your origin data.  The data is then checked for quality purposes and once it is in the system all further processes stem from it. 

The MRP system generates purchase requirements for your product and is exported to our CAM software, CircuitCam, provided by Aegis Industrial Software Inc.

The CircuitCam software allows EMS to standardise production instructions thus ensuring quality throughout production.  CircuitCam is capable of detailing any special instructions with drawings and photographs. 

CircuitCam also produces all of the machine programmes for Panasonic SMT placement and AOI inspection.  This ensures quality and integrity throughout the production process.