EMS Expands Board Handling Capacity

Thatcham, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited (EMS), announced today the installation of new Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Handling Equipment from Nutek Europe, the industry leading supplier of PCB Handling Equipment.

Nutek PCB Loader/Unloader

The new equipment provides, a combined loader and unloader to provided flexible unattended processing of PCB pasting with the option of either;

  • Line loading only, being used in a full production line capacity.
  • Cell based loading and unloading allowing for small flexible or quick turn cell manufacture.
  • 5 brand new conveyors for optimal line setup providing, line throughput or cell manufacture.

EMS' Managing Director Bernard Chubb said, "The investment in this premium Nutek equipment compliments our ongoing investment strategy by providing our Production line with excellent top quality PCB Handling Equipment.  Whilst smaller than some of the recent investment this equipment is a very important to efficient reliable SMT production."

"The addition of this PCB Handling Equipment is very exciting for EMS and provides EMS with the capability to automatically paste PCBs up to 600mm in length and 460mm in width.  The line itself now fully compliments the handling capabilities of our Panasonic CM101D's.", said Jonathan Plummer, Technical Manager of EMS.