EMS Evolves Reflow Capability

Thatcham, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited (EMS), announced today the installation of a new Solderstar Pro R-0625P 6 Channel Reflow Profiling System, provided by Zen Production Equipment Ltd, a leading UK supplier of electronics assembly equipment.

The Solderstar Pro R-0625 is a reflow oven profiler designed to provide additional detail and capability above and beyond the standard inbuilt profiling capability of a reflow oven.  The Solderstar Pro software and interface provides a user friendly tool to select the reflow oven, solder paste and PCB characteristics and then provide the oven settings required and ability to assess the profile before placing any assembled PCBs through the reflow oven.

Solderstar Pro R-0625 Reflow Profiler

“The acquisition of the Solderstar Pro R-0625P is good new for EMS” said Jonathan Plummer, Technical Manager of EMS “this investment not only compliments the recent installation of our new Heller 1809 MKIII reflow oven but provides additional technical capability and control over new and existing PCB assemblies.  The miniaturisation of electronic components, increases in component density and customer demand for fast turn Production means the investment in the Solderstar Pro will provide a range of benefits throughout the SMT process.”