EMS Launches New Website

Thatcham, UK - Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited (EMS),  announced today the launch of a brand new website, powered by Squarespace.  The market leader in website design and hosting services offering class leading infrastructure and design tools.

EMS' Managing Director Bernard Chubb said, "The investment in this new site is excellent news and is a huge step forward for EMS from our previous site design.  The new site represents EMS as we are today and the infrastructure provides EMS with control and development opportunities so that it can evolve as EMS grows."

"I am very pleased with the final design, the significant step change from the previous site, to provide EMS with a truly modern online presence.  Its in built dynamic design for desktops, tablets and mobiles is fantastic and exactly what a site should offer in 2016.  This provides an excellent basis to grow EMS' marketing.", said Jonathan Plummer, Technical Manager of EMS.