Chinese New Year 2017

Thatcham, UK - the Chinese New Year in 2017 official beings on Saturday 28th January, ending the current year of the Goat and starting the year of the Rooster.

For the electronics industry the Chinese New Year means factory shutdowns for PCBs, and other components.  Depending on location these shutdowns can last from one to two weeks.

Due to the demand that this can cause before and after the shutdown, the real impact can actually last for up to six weeks;

  • Two weeks before the holiday.
  • Up to two weeks during the holiday.
  • At least two weeks after the holiday, possibly longer in some cases.

EMS notifies customers of these upcoming holidays weeks and months in advance so that plans can be put in place to alleviate the impact of the Chinese New Year holiday.

Of course not all customers/companies have the luxury of knowing their sales weeks or months in advance, whilst also managing stock or budgetary targets.

EMS would recommend, to all customers that, where possible, PCB orders or possible long lead time components manufactured in China, are ordered well in advance of the Chinese New Year shutdown.  However where this is not possible or feasible, for example sudden spikes in demand or quick turn assemblies then EMS will assist by;

  • Working with our existing suppliers, to leverage our relationships to satisfy demand ASAP.
  • Resource, where possible, with minimal cost impact the required PCBs or components from alternative suppliers.

Do not delay, plan for the Chinese New Year and its potential impact on your supply chain today!  Contact EMS today!