EMS Evolves PCB Cleaning Facility

Thatcham, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited (EMS), announced today the installation of a new Trident ZDO Automatic Cleaning System.

The Trident ZDO is a batch load PCB cleaning machine capable of adapting from low to high volume production.  The ZDO offers;

  • A closed-loop (Zero Discharge Wash Cycle) providing excellent environmental benefits.
  • Automatic Wash, Rinse and Dry Cycles.
  • Built-In Programmable Cleanliness Verification Testing via a resistivity meter.
  • Automatic Dosing and Mixing System.
  • Graphical User Interface with Touchscreen control.
  • Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) Data-Logging with Barcode Scanner.
  • Adjustable board racks to hand PCBs up to 600mm in length.
  • Spray in air cleaning system with oscillating basket.
  • Increased capacity.
Trident ZDO PCB Cleaning

“The acquisition comes at a perfect time and provides a vast range of opportunities for EMS” said Bernard Chubb, Managing Director of EMS “we have achieved an outstanding level of growth over the last two years and we want to enhance this with investments of this nature”.

EMS’ Sales Director Roland Joy said, “The development of EMS’ cleaning facility is excellent news with the increase in capacity being a fantastic development for our existing and future customers”.

“The Trident ZDO is a significant upgrade for EMS which offers enhanced cleaning control, improved data logging with the ability for more efficient running and greater capacity.” said Jonathan Plummer, Technical Manager of EMS.