EMS Expands AOI Capability

Thatcham, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited (EMS), announced today the installation of a new MEK PowerSpector FDAz 650L CE 9 Camera inline AOI machine.

The PowerSpector FDAz 650L CE contains one off 18.75u HD Camera with telecentric optics and eight off 10u side cameras for side and edge inspection of components.  The omnidirectional multi angle, multi-colour LED lighting provides class leading assessment of the solder meniscus and the capability to test a range of criteria on all types of solder joints.

MEK FDAz 650L CE AOI Machine

“I am very pleased with the investment in our PowerSpector FDAz 650L CE, the additional capacity it brings along with its class leading optics.  This is another significant step in the company’s growth following on from recent major acquisitions”, said Bernard Chubb, Managing Director of EMS.

EMS’ Sales Director Roland Joy said, “This will enable us to increase capacity dramatically, we look forward to being able to provide increased customer satisfaction through this additional resource whilst continuing with industry-leading turnaround times and exceptional levels of quality”.

“The PowerSpector FDAz 650L CE is a critical investment in keeping pace with the increasing miniaturisation and complexity with the class leading optics, software and support being critical to the EMS selecting MEK.”, said Jonathan Plummer, Technical Manager of EMS.