EMS installs Panasonic MV2F

Thatcham, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited announced today the installation of its second Panasonic MV2F.

The MV2F is a 300 feeder high capacity, high speed pick and place machine and is the first part of a second line installation at EMS.  Future investment will expand the line into a fully automated second line which will double the production capacity at EMS.

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Sales Director Roland Joy said, “I am very pleased with the second line installation which will elevate EMS to a new level of capacity and flexibility as well as providing an excellent base of on-going growth and investment”.

This is the second MV2F to be installed at EMS and the line commonality provides ultimate adaptability as feeders and programmes can be shared between each line.  Future investment will provide further commonality of equipment making each line interchangeable.

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Managing Director Bernard Chubb said, “This most recent investment is another important step for EMS and the installation of a second line is a significant milestone for EMS.  I am looking forward to the line reaching its maximum potential as we expand the line in the coming year”.

Jonathan Plummer