EMS installs ESD/Anti-Static certified floor

Thatcham, UK – Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Limited announced today the investment and installation of a British (BS EN 61340-5-1:2001) and International Standard (IEC 61340) certified ESD/Anti-Static floor in the surface mount department.

The floor, supplied by EcoTile, is a modular interlocking floor tile which offers;

  • Surface resistivity: 2.2 x 104Ω to 3 x 106Ω
  • Resistance to ground: 2.9 x 104Ω to 5.7 x 105Ω
  • Electrostatic Propensity:< 10 Volts / <2.0 kV

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Managing Director Bernard Chubb said, “This floor is an excellent start to 2011 and represents one of many new investments planned for 2011. It looks very impressive and is key part of the next major investment, a brand new Panasonic CM101-D pick and place machine”.

Jonathan Plummer