Working with Hydro Systems Europe

Based in Bracknell, Hydro Systems Europe was founded in 1991 as a subsidiary of the US-based Hydro Systems Company.

Since then, Hydro Systems has become the world’s largest independent manufacturer of dilution, dispensing and dosing systems for concentrated chemicals – stocking a comprehensive range of high-quality and reliable equipment and supplying customers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

The company focuses exclusively on finding better and more economical ways to dispense chemicals in a controlled, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Hydro is also part of the Dover Corporation – a diversified global network of operating companies which delivers innovative equipment and components, speciality systems and support services. Being a part of this network allows Hydro to benefit from Dover’s expertise and to achieve operational excellence and optimal productivity in manufacturing.


Committed to delivering superior customer support, Hydro ensures unparalleled responsiveness to consumers around the world. This approach mirrors EMS’: our values focus on working with customers and being flexible to their needs, in order to achieve the required result.

Hydro is a long-standing customer of EMS and over eight years, we have built a strong relationship with the team there. In 2018, we helped Hydro launch its new ‘EvoClean’ product – an automatic venturi-based commercial laundry dispenser and one of Hydro’s most successful products to date.

Unlike competitor offerings, the EvoClean doesn’t require peristaltic tubes or replacements, so is lower maintenance and cheaper to install. It also uses significantly less water and electricity than conventional dispensers and features an integrated control system that can be used with up to eight products.

Customer agreements

EMS provides the electronics for the EvoClean product and has a stock-holding agreement in place with Hydro Systems, which is underwritten to an agreed value and reviewed annually.

For Hydro Systems, we currently hold 14 lines (and counting) of different assemblies to agreed minimum levels and box quantities, which is maintained via an internal Kanban and regular forecasting information from the customer, in addition to quarterly business reviews.

This stock-holding agreement enables EMS to commit to procuring lead-time parts and holding minimum levels, which allows Hydro Systems to reduce its inventory as we can ship within 24 hours of call off. Ultimately, this enables EMS to minimise the replenishment time of the internal Kanban and reduce lead times for Hydro and, in turn, its customers.

Now in 2019, we are in advanced discussions with Hydro about mirroring its UK stock-holding agreements within its US office, which would require international direct shipping. We are also actively working with Hydro on cost-down solutions, new product integration and design input – as well as free-issue elimination which would allow EMS to supply all parts.

Nick Cooper from Hydro Systems stated:

“As EMEA Supply Chain Manager, it is crucial we have trusted suppliers we work with to ensure Hydro can meet the delivery targets of our finished product globally.

The partnership has been in existence for close to a decade now, and EMS continue to make every effort to support Hydro, not just locally but also now in the US.

The implementation of a stock holding agreement in 2018 has proved influential in allowing Hydro to service its customers, as EMS and Hydro continue to grow and work together.”

Outside of the aforementioned, we also have different agreements in place for other customers including consignment stock and a Kanban agreement on receipt of a commitment PO, which is to be completed within an agreed timeframe.

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