Environmental Statement

Electronic Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. (EMS) realises that is has a responsibility to control its environmental impact for the environment itself as well as the associated benefits of employee awareness and overall efficiency improvements for EMS.

EMS has and will continue to reduce its environmental impact by;

  • Recycling wherever possible;
    • Including office paper, where used.
    • Supplier packaging.
    • Materials from food stuffs, such as drinks bottles.
    • Paper towels.
  • Reducing unnecessary printing of documents through employee awareness and education.
  • Energy reduction by making employees aware of the implications and impact of poor energy usage and the associated benefits to the environment.
  • Ensuring hazardous materials are disposed of accordingly, where applicable.

EMS is not currently certified to ISO 14001 and does not currently run an Environmental Management System (EMS). However EMS realises and accepts the benefits that such a system could provide, EMS will continue to work to reduce its environmental impact and assess the appropriate time to review the status in the future.