Electronic Manufacturing Solutions

PTH Assembly

EMS have invested in a range of solutions to meet your PTH (Plated Through Hole) requirement from single sided PTH assemblies to complex high mix SMT / PTH assemblies.

We can offer:

  • Lead free (RoHS compliant) wave soldering for medium to high volume production, via our Kince KWA 350 Super EP.
  • Lead free via our EBSO SPA 250 F;
    • The solution allows EMS to automate the standard hand assembly solution for low, medium and high volume production, where complex or difficult joints are to be found.

These solutions provide a comprehensive range of options for your PTH assembly, which are complemented by our high quality manual soldering (Lead Free and Leaded) to IPC-A-610 Class 2 as standard, Class 3 available on request.