SMT Machine Operator


EMS requires an SMT Machine Operator to work in a quick growing and fast-moving Production environment on all aspects of the SMT line, including;

  • Feeder loading, including where applicable splicing, reels, trays.
  • PCB setup and loading for the production line.
  • Paste stencil;
    • New programme creation.
    • Stencil loading.
    • Existing programme setup.
    • Production processing.
    • Cleaning stencils and associated tooling.
  • SMT machine;
    • Programme creation.
    • Job setup.
    • Production processing.
    • Stripping the machine and returning parts to the kit in the specified order.
  • Reflow oven production processing.


A level of experience is required with a minimum of 2 years in a similar fast paced role with a CEM working on multiple assemblies throughout the working day. Full training will be provided for the given machines. The role requires;

  • Working in an efficient manner.
  • Good reliability.
  • Flexibility of skills.
  • Adaptability to switch between jobs and skills when required to meet customer demands.


  • 0730 to 1600

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