Cable Assembly

EMS offers a comprehensive range of harness, cabling and crimping solutions.  We are able to offer a full range of solutions for your assembly from wires cut and stripped to length to complete wire and cable harness assemblies. 

Our solutions include:

  • Wire and cable cut and stripped to length.
  • Crimped wire and cable assemblies.
  • Cable looms.
  • D-type wire harnesses.
  • Co-axial wire harnesses.
  • Ribbon cable assemblies.
  • RF cable assemblies.

Wire Cutting & Stripping Capabilities

  • Schleuniger Powerstrip 9500 - automatic wire cutting and stripping machine, up to 14mm diameter.
  • Komax Kappa 310 - automatic wire/cable stripping machine, up to 14mm diameter wire/cable.

Crimping Capabilities

  • A large range of hand crimp tools in house covering a range of manufacturers including;
    • Berg
    • ELCO
    • Harwin
    • ITT
    • Tyco
    • Molex
  • WDT SSC-2FP Safety Press for crimping bulk / loose crimps from any manufacturer, designed for low to medium volume production or for crimps which are not available on reels.
  • Tyco AMP 3K/40 stripper/crimper for crimping a complete range of reel fed crimps from any manufacturer, designed for medium to high volume production.